Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Senso-Ji and Mt. Fuji Sunset

Since I've lived in Tokyo I haven't been playing tourist as much during my time here, a lot of my time has been spent visiting friends and relaxing. But some of the time I've played tourist, especially with places that I didn't see or couldn't spend as much time visiting in the past. The photos below are from two places like that. The first is Senso-Ji temple (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sens%C5%8D-ji) which is one of the most famous temples in Tokyo. I've visited Senso-ji plenty of times while I lived here, but the thunder gate, the huge gate shown in the photos below was being refurbished while I lived here so I never had a chance to see it. I also spent an evening watching the sunset from the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Building in Shinjuku. When I lived in Tokyo my desk at work had a view of Mt. Fuji (when it wasn't hidden by clouds which is most of the time in summer), I used to love the sunsets behind the mountain but never really had a chance to take photos of it. You can see the full sets of photos here: Senso-Ji Full Set and Mt. Fuji Full Set

The Thunder gate at Senso-Ji:

The approach to the ga

The top of the Temple building, the sky was a very beautiful blue that day as it has been many days recently, winter is a great time in Tokyo:

Another view of the gate:

The sunset with Mt. Fuji, someday I need to come back in October/November when the sunsets right behind Mt. Fuji to take a photo I've seen it from work and it was amazing:

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Unknown said...

The mt. fuji is beautiful.
I thought mt. fuji with blue sky was beautiful but i think mt. fuji around this time is my favite now. Good picture :)