Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Start of the Trip

As many of my friends and family know I have been dreaming of doing an around the world trip for a number of years. The trip is finally actually happening, I turned in Delta airline miles to get a ticket and as of this Tuesday I have started the trip. I will be using this blog to provide updates for those who are interested, I pasted the itinerary below although some of it will change over the coming months. So, please keep an eye on this page for photos and stories for my travels. I will also be posting my photos from the trip to flickr (see link below) where you can already find photos from my previous trips:

The route:

NYC->Japan (2/5/08)
Japan for the remainder of February
Japan->China (approximately 2/29/08)
China for most of March traveling overland from Beijing eventually coming out at Hong Kong
Hong Kong->Vietnam (approximately at the end of March)
Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos/Thailand/Singapore (full month of April)
Bangkok->Mumbai, India (4/30/08)
India (most of May)
Mumbai -> Moscow (5/25/08)
Mocow->Kenya (6/1/08)
Kenya (two weeks) (May change to another African destination due to current political violence)
Kenya->Prague (6/14/08)
Prague for about a week
Prague to NYC (6/20/08)

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